Re: Capacitor test results

Hi Robert,
           I agree with all you say in your excellent post. I think as
far as testing for real conditions, what you say is beyond dispute.
    But I'm curious. It sounds as if this cap is failing a simple 
go/nogo test let alone a real thrashing. I would have thought that at
this level, one could at least charge a cap and get a snapping 
discharge. I wouldn't think for one microsecond that a cap failing 
such a simple test would be suitable for anything other than the 
rubbish tin.
    So, it sounds as if it is failing with 120Hz charge/discharge. My
only question is : short, open, or what?
    BTW, I still haven't done any comprehensive tests on my suspect 
one yet, but I did fire a coil with it the other day and it was 
working with no sign of failure. I have to get a major job out of the 
way this weekend and will then attack the problem armed to the teeth 
with test equipment.
    One thing's for sure - I'm going to make darn sure the system tune
ensures secondary discharges occur before firing.