current limiting choke

Hello all,

I'm currently designing a current limiting choke to use with my pole pig.. 
I have all things ready for construction but I'd prefer to have a reality
check :) before making the big, heavy and expensive choke.. That thing
will weight about 50kg when ready..

The basic goal is to be able to both use very low powers (1kW) and higher
powers (10kW) with the same basic choke. The easiest way to this seems to
use a large iron I-core (10*16*30 cm, permeability 13) and wind several
layers of coil to the form so that each layer is separate.  For maximum
current all layers are connected in parallel and for minimum current all
layers are in series.. I have a 20kg roll of 1.5mm dia magnet wire and
this would mean about 200 ideal or 170 real turns per layer and something
like 17mH for one layer (or all in parallel) and approximately 17mH*n^2
for n layers in series. Those inductances with 120 ohms in parallel with
choke would give about 4-50 amps area to choose current with several
different combinations for different currents.

Is there something I am missing in the design?

Should I consider the primary capasitor (25nF) as "seen" through the
pole-pig (about 180uF) or is this necessary - it would require more
inductance to the choke to compensate.. 

Thanks a lot for any comments,