Re: Lumped vs. Helical Re

TL>I realize that for the first shot or two the coil will be
TL>detuned. But as the rectifier fed cap attains a charge,
TL>it presents less and less  loading as the conduction
TL>angle for the rectifiers changes. I guess  also its
TL>capacitance relative to the terminal capacitance is going 
TL>  have some effect. A lot obviously depends on the
TL>measuring capacitor  leakage, but I think that can be
TL>overcome. Anything more I should  consider?

Malcolm and others,

It occurs to me that we expect the voltage to ground in the 
secondary to obey a sine distribution from base to top. What 
would be the effect of measuring the voltage in the 
secondary a few per cent of the way up and then 
extrapolating? This way you should be able to apply minimal 
loading to the coil ( the bottom of the coil is low Z so a 
high impedance resistive divider at this point would have 
little effect). It would be interesting to see the results 
of some measurements. At least here we are making use of the 
built-in voltage grading structure!

Richard Craven, England.