Re: TCBOR TC Video Primer

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>Subject: TCBOR TC Video Primer
>This past Sunday night I fired my first Tesla Coil.  The sparks were 18 
>inches point to point.  Pretty exciting for my first attempt.  

>Gaps - 7 nonresistive spark plugs radially arranged around a 3 1/2 in 
>PVC coupling.  The coupling was drilled and tapped for the spark plugs 
>which were wired serially.  A muffin fan is mounted on one end of the 
>coupling and blows across the gaps.  The spark plugs are barely warm 
>after several minutes of firing.  Fouling has not occured.  Has anyone 
>else used this configuration before?


Say that's a heckuva idea! I will definately build one of those. My copper
tubes in pvc gets so hot that the pvc shrinks or expands (dunno which) so
much that the gaps eventually touch each other out...and I'm usin' 10 gaps
in mine! Two separate units in series. Seems like such an obvious solution
too :)  sparkgaps? sparkplugs! Duh fer me, and kudos fer you :D Thanks
                            Ken Cravens