A new list for Australian Nikola Tesla Society


Several Internet users in Australia have decided it is worthwhile
setting up an Internet mailing list for Australian Tesla enthusiasts,
to be run by ANTS (Australian Nikola Tesla Society).  This will be
run to compliment, not compete with, the existing mailing lists and
Internet resources for Tesla and high voltage related subjects.
Useful information which appears on this list and is of interest
to the wider world will be cross-posted to other relevant lists.

The ANTS List is a free public forum for (email) dialogue between
those who wish to discuss or announce anything related to Tesla
or ANTS research and experimentation or related activities being
conducted in the country of AUSTRALIA.  This includes Tesla Coil
and Magnifier construction in Australia, sourcing of parts and
materials in Australia, and the fulfilment of the general activities,
scope and objectives of ANTS.

To obtain the latest copy of the ANTS List Guide, send an email to
<gbaddele-at-vitgssw.telecom-dot-com.au> with 'info ANTS' in the body
of the message.  The guide includes complete information on using
the list and an introduction to ANTS.

Send subscriptions requests by email to <gbaddele-at-vitgssw.telecom-dot-com.au>
with 'subscribe ANTS' in the body of the message.  You may wish to
include a brief description of yourself, such as your full name, what
area you live in, and what aspects of Tesla or ANTS you are mainly
interested in.  This will be kept in confidence by the ANTS National
Executive, and will only be published or used with your consent.
The administrator and the ANTS National Executive reserves
the right to disapprove subscription requests.  All subscription
requests will be acknowledged and will include a copy of the latest
ANTS List Guide.

Glenn Baddeley <gbaddele-at-vitgssw.telecom-dot-com.au>
ANTS National Vice President,
BH +61 3 9253 8072 (time-zone Z+10)     ANN1X

Postal address:
Australian Nikola Tesla Society
PO BOX 654
Moonee Ponds
Victoria 3039