Re: Lightning strike safe distance

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>Anyone have a pointer to info that gives the safe distance for an unprotected
>human from a lightning strike?  Feeling a shock is not objectionable, avoiding
>injury is what matters.  Obviously there are a wide variety of conditions
>here.  Any info will be helpful.  
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Hmm, at the risk of sounding like I'm bragging, I can state that direct
lightning strikes at a distance of eight to ten feet can cause nothing more than
ringing ears and a tendency to jump a bit at loud noises.
In both cases the gound was dry and the lighting struck a well grounded nearby

I'd guess that it would be VERY hard to generalize as how close you could get
to a lighting strike, depending upon whether you include electrical,
thermal, sonic,
ground current, induced current, etc. effects as harmful...

(who has often wondered if a facination for EHV can be induced by close
lighting strikes)