Re: Capacitor Explosion

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>>Subject: Re: Capacitor Explosion
>>Richard, I have ordered a Cap from Condenser Products and should receive 
>>it in several weeks.  They claimed a one year warranty.  Obviously 
>>defective Caps like yours and Ed Sonderman's should be replaced.  So, my 
>>question is: are they honoring this warranty?  Ed? 
>> Really sorry to hear about the explosion, I find it hard to believe 
>>that they do not put some kind of vent plug that would go, thus 
>>releasing pressure if internal arcing were to occur for whatever reason.
>>David Trimmell <dwt-at-efn-dot-org>


>Mine failed a few days after the one year warranty (if there is one).  I
>asked about some compensation when discussing prices on a new one and did not
>get anywhere.

>Ed Sonderman


I suggest that in all fairness, the entire time that Condenser 
Products Co. had your capacitor for evaluation testing should be 
deducted from your one year warranty time.  This should put you back 
under warranty, and, if that's true then they should make things right.

I wouldn't have been so quick to send them more money if this 
previous account was unsettled.  If you are in the right, be firm!  
The only hero that will champion your own interests is YOU.

Regards, rwstephens