Re: 1000 foot sparks?

Hi everyone,
             Judging by the specs on Mr LaBine's earth resonant 

> "Mr. LaBine talks about pumping energy into the ground and having
> it rebound back, believing this is what Tesla did at Colorado
> Springs. His setup will be a magnifier with a  3 ft. long by 6 ft.
> diameter extra coil , and a metal mast a total height of 12 feet off
> the ground with a 6 inch metal sphere on top.  The system will use
> a variable speed rotary break for helping tune to the earth's exact
> rebound  frequency.  This coil will be operated by a 2000 watt
> (yes, just two kilowatts) portable generator remoted by a 100 yard
> (yes, 300 feet) long extention cord.  The operators, also 100 yards
> away (near the generator I believe), will be in a metal mesh
> protected safety enclosure up on an  insulating wooden platform.

I would say his understanding of Tesla's work is far from complete. I
think he has set himself up for a beaut. I wouldn't want to be within 
a mile of that cage let alone inside it. He is going to look rather 
foolish when he gets a few feet of corona from the discharge terminal!
Well, that's where my money is anyway.