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Hi David and all,

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> Subject: Faraday cage
> Hello all,
> I am needing to build a Faraday cage to hopefully reduce the 
> interference my coil causes with my telephone and the AM radio reception 
> around my house.  No neighbor complaints, but just encase the FCC is 
> listening.  My question is: how fine of a wire mesh would you need to 
> block the RF from a coil running from 200 to 350 kHz?  And the 
> associated "noise"?  I was thinking of trying Aluminum foil strips, but 
> then was thinking of the grounded capacitance around my coil, as the 
> basement room I have my coil setup in is not to spacious.  So I was just 
> interested in what creative designs some of you may have come up with?
>  Thanks for any input.

Just a key thing to remember is that the square spacings should be less 
or equal to half of the wavelength of the frequency.

I usually use a 1cm x 1cm sqaure mesh - absolutely perfect.

The next thing is not to earth the cage, yet to setup a spark-gap between 
the side of the cage and ground.

	side of	|  
	cage	| /
		||     <- piece of metal rod bent like a jacob's ladder...
		     |  <--- earth.

The idea behind using a spark gap is to prevent voltage build up in the 

Anything I've missed guys?

Hope this helps,

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