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>>From: Wallace Edward Brand <webrand-at-dgs.dgsys-dot-com>
>>Dear Jim:  My Westinghouse Reference Book on distribution systems has, as
>>its Chapter 6 a reference to "conventional transformers" and to Completely
>>Self Protecting Transformers.

[Another snip]
>	Thank you for the research. Rather than a copy, is there any
>reference to the high voltage secondaries over voltage rating? For
>5-10kVA distribution transformers with 7-15kV input voltages? There
>may not be a single answer but a series of classes.
>	Regards,
>	jim
Jim:  "The only reference I see is to the statement:  "Transformers can be
operated at rated kva with a secondary voltage of 5 percent above rated
voltage.  A transformer can withstand no-load operation at a voltage of 10
per cent above rated voltage."  Lloyd refers to the use of the  dash (-),
the slant (/) and the cross (X) as the notation used to designate voltage
ratings giving the following basic source as his reference: EEI-NEMA
Standards for Distribution Transformers, Overhead Type-- Sixth Report EEI
Pub. No. 55-14, NEMA Pub. No. TR2-1956, May 11, 1956.  The exact title of
the book is "Electric Utility Engineering Reference Book, Volume 3,
distribution systems.  Effective February 1, 1989, Westinghouse transferred
its intellectual property rights in the book to Asea Brown Boveri.
They operate as ABB Power Systems Inc., Advanced Systems Technology, 777
Penn Center Boulevard, Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania 15235-5927  I hope this is
helpful.   The quoted statement appears at page 206.  Wallace Edward Brand