Re: Solid State - progress.


took my coil to church yesterday - for an electrifying childrens talk.
Kept it well out of the way during a baptism. (Water, infants and 
150,000 volts is a bad mixture!). Got a round of applause when
the 8' flourescent tube lit up in my hands. (Getting a Scots 
presbyterian congregation to clap in church is quite a feat!)

Starting winding a new coil on a 5 gallon plastic bucket -
Tricky - I sprayed it with varnish because the plastic is so
slippy. See how it works out. 

Thanks for the schematic - interesting- but won't the primary
detune the LC circuit and certainly bleed current and power
out of it. I certainly think that these ideas are worth poking
around with - if instead of brute force driving we can get some
kind of resonator in the circuit then we should be able to get to
much higher efficencies.

>try this for snubbing.
>Im this is only a guess. 50% less power into snubber
                  diode       cap  
  drain_of_fet------|>|---+----|(---- ground 
                resistor  \

But won't current be flowing through the diode and resistor
virtualy all the time. I put the resistor accross the diode
to discharge the capacitor during switch on, then it can
charge through the diode at switch off.