Re: Flyback Transformers

You wrote: 


>BTW what is it with streamers, anyway?  My other coil produces 22" 
>streamers to a grounded target.  But, while making this measurement, I 
>watch as other, longer streamers zip (zap?) right past said target.  
>Why is the grounded target a less attractive destination for TC 
>No longer lurking,
>Jeffrey Wiggins

Two more related questions.

1.  When I fire my coil with just the 1/4 inch bolt electrode on top, 
almost 100% of the streamers are directed up above the horizontal plane 
of the upper coil.  With the toroid, still the majority of the 
streamers are directed above the horizontal plane.  If the earth is one 
plate of this capacitor and the upper terminal is the other plate, why 
aren't the discharge sparks attracted between the two plates and the 
streamers directed downward?  

2.  When I decreased my primary voltage to about 40 v, my secondary 
sparks were about 3 - 4 inches.  I intently observed the sparks from a 
couple of feet away.  In addition to the regular streamers, I could 
observe small bright flashes above the corona.  These same flashes can 
be observed in Richard Quick's video and in TCBOR videos (see the still 
frame shots).  Electric Spacecraft Journal had an article a few 
editions back and the author felt they might be tiny ball lightning.  
What are these flashes?