Re: Capacitor test results

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>Then I removed one more gap and now had only one .030 gap across the
>capacitor.  I did finally fire now but sounded weak.  Definitely not the hot
>staccato machine gun like noise that I remember from a couple of months ago
>when all this started.
>Anybody have any ideas?  I know C.P. just tested this cap and pronunced it
>good, but it sure doesn't look good to me.

	I sounds (acts) just like my pig, cap, and gap with just
resistive (10 ohms) ballast. Without any inductive ballast, I get a
miserable gap firing. Check your ballast.

>I tested the transformer several times during all of this and it seemed fine.
> I produces a hot arc about one to one and a half inches long.

Is this your pig? With a jacobs ladder setup, I get about a 2" wide 4"
high arc that is more a flame than a bright arc. This is after it's
climbed it's ladder 2' or so. 

Even off my safety gap, set to 1", I get 2" - 3" high flames. Note:
this is with the inductor in. With it out, the safety gap doesn't
fire. (220V in to the 110V tap, 7.2kV pig => 14.4kv +- )