RE: cap specs or non-specs

Rob, Richard H., and All,

Rob wrote:
I have worked as both a product engineer and a test engineer, so I am 
proposing that this group form its own specification for caps.  This 
can't be that difficult, and might extend the state-of-the-art.  Who 
knows, the next "black budget" gov. project might reference telsa 
group cap specs for some exotic cap application.

I'd like to see a spec written, but I'm not sure I could contribute
much at this point since, other than the things that would be obvious
to an EE, I don't yet know much about pulse discharge caps.

Scott Myers posted a spec some time ago to which he had obviously given
a lot of thought. I can't seem to find it, but perhaps Chip could repost
it. Possibly that could serve as a starting point.

Richard Hull wrote:
I always spell out every spec to my cap maker and demand impulse 
tests prior to shipment.

Perhaps Richard could also post his specs.

Finally, Rob wrote:
... I am wondering about home built caps ...

Me too. There are a lot of home built caps around, but also a
predisposition for buying commercial caps. Perhaps a good place
to start is to find out what commercial cap makers have or do
that would be difficult or impossible for the home builder to

One thing that might fall into that category is a lot of destructive
testing to prove new designs. ( We seem to do destroy our share of
caps, but not always under ideally controlled conditions :)

Non-destructive test procedures for home built caps would need to
be worked out too.