Re: distributing driver schematic

> I am finished with the schematic of my solid state MOSFET magnifier
> coil driver.  I need to proofread it again later, but I am wondering
> now how I am going to distribute it.
> It is hand drawn/cut-and-paste.  If I had two phone lines here I could
> fax it to myself and then process it as some type of attachable image-
> as I have separate Xerox fax machine in addition to the one internal
> to Mac.
> Considering the large number of requests for it, maybe I can fax it to
> someone who can then attach it as image to the group.

Hello, I would also be interested in obtaining a copy of your schematic, as I 
know nothing about "solid" state Tesla coils, but am familiar with Tesla's 
"extra" coil design for a ferrite core XFRMR at high frequency as found on page 
79 (July 11, 1899).  So, please put me on the list.  Thanks.

David Trimmell <dwt-at-efn-dot-org>