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> Chuck,
> I am working with C.P. now on specs for another cap.  48" is a large 
>toroid.  My largest (of three) is 40" and I kind of wish it was a little 
>larger.  Have you fired your coil at low power yet?  You will have to 
>apply a good deal of power to get the 48" toroid to break out.  I would 
>suggest laying a wire on the toroid, sticking out over the edge with a ground wire opposite it a few feet away to do the initial tuning.
> Good luck on your project.
> Ed Sonderman

Hi Ed,
    No, I have yet to put power to my coil.  I spent today working on the 
metering section of my power unit, which I finished and now I am in the 
middle of mounting the power inlet and outlet sockets and plugs.  I hope 
to finish tomorrow afternoon and then I only have to assemble the RF 
filter board for the H.V, line from the pole pig to the primary.
    I specifically wanted to use the bigger toroid size because of the 
work done by TCBOR and the article written by Richard Hull in the first 
quarter issue of TCBA News.  Several very helpful points were made that I 
took to heart--basically bigger is better on toroid size is what I 
understand today.  Your point about the higher power input levels to 
achieve breakout is also a fact that I accepted as being the initial 
drawback with a new coil.  The simple fact of the matter is that I am 
really short of time and trying to build progressively bigger components 
was something I decided to bypass--hope I don't regret that one!  I will 
be taking a photo tomorrow that will show the entire setup and I should 
be able to post it with several others by next weekend.  I hope to 
receive any constructive criticism available from the photo's.
    I took the secondary (8" dia. x 28" long of 20 gauge) and got a 
resonant frequency of 221 Khz by itself and it dropped all the way to 140 
Khz with the toroid on top, about 4" from top turn of winding. I was 
expecting to fabricat an additional stand-off from PVC, maybe 3"-4" but 
this is one point that is really a wild guess with no data to support 
where I should start with the toroid's position relative to the top 
secondary turn.  Any idea's?
    Your suggestion on the ground point being made available close to the 
toroid was what I thought would be a good step.--thanks for the tip.  I 
still have to bend and mount my strike rail by the primary too, Gee, will 
I really get to try this or not by next week end?  Several unfinished 
steps still on the check-list!  I better stop before this becomes a 22 
page item!

Good Luck with your New Cap

Chuck Curran