Re: Links

Tesla List wrote:
> Matthias,
> Could you share your results with me?  Here's my home page --
> HTTP://bhs.broo.k12.wv.us/homepage/chip/info.htm
> Chip
Thanks for the URL Chip, you're added.
Well actually i'm not done with my first one yet. But this summer i will 
be. The work takes all my time so i will spend my vacation to finish it 
off. But here's my specs so far....

Driver circuit : 6 4kv/45mA Neons in series/paralell for a total output 
                 of 8kv/135mA (1080 kVA). We don't have those high      
                 voltage neons you have in the us. They have actually   
                 been forbidden here in sweden until last year. Read and 
                 weep, but i think 8kV will do the trick.

Cap : Salt water cap (17,9 nF) for now until i see that it works. Then i 
      will build some rolled oil filled ones.

TC : 18" primary / 8 turns of 5/16" copper pipe.
     6" secondary on PVC pipe / 1471 turns of 27 AWG enameld copper     
     wire. Theoretical resonance 175kHz.

I'm still working on the rotary gap and the kickback filters. The 
discharge terminal will be an toroid of about 30" i think. That one is 
still under construction as well.
Do you have any overall suggestions, hints?? I have seen your pictures 
and i must say that you have a good one there. Well i'll see you around.

Happy coiling....

//Matthias "Tesla" Andersson