Re: Help w/ Chokes

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>From: Wallace Edward Brand <webrand-at-dgs.dgsys-dot-com>

>Dear Jim:  My Westinghouse Reference Book on distribution systems has, as
>its Chapter 6 a reference to "conventional transformers" and to Completely
>Self Protecting Transformers.

>        PLEASE NOTE:  B.L. Lloyd who wrote this chapter was describing the
>fault protection when used as a stepdown transformer, not when hooked up
>backwards for use in a Tesla Coil. 
I sure hope that no one ever trips these in TC work.

> The chapter goes on at length to
>describe distribution transformer temperature and short-circuit standards,
>Designation of Voltage Ratings of Windings and an explanation of Terminal
>Markings and Polarity but it is far too much for me to keyboard and I do not
>have a scanner that is of the current generation.  I will be happy to
>duplicate the 46 pages of the chapter in hard copy for one or two of those
>who would like it and cannot get access to a copy of this manual. Let me
>know your snail-mail addresses. Wallace Edward Brand   

	Thank you for the research. Rather than a copy, is there any
reference to the high voltage secondaries over voltage rating? For
5-10kVA distribution transformers with 7-15kV input voltages? There
may not be a single answer but a series of classes.