Re: Neon EXFRMR power rating

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>Subject: Neon EXFRMR power rating
>Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to increase (safely, well, 
>relativly) the secondary current of a Neon transformer by placing 
>capacitance in parallel with the primary? I have a neon with plate 
>ratings of Secondary 120 mA -at- 15000 V, but a 120 V -at- 1000 VA primary, so 
>is it possible to improve the power factor of this type of transformer?
>And what would the formula be?
> Thanks,
>David Trimmell


You are talking about power factor correction on the input to the
transformer.  It will lower the amount of current the primary draws but will
not increase the output voltage or current available.  You need to use
capacitors like AC motor starting capacitors.  I tried the Richard Quick
method of swaping in and out several capacitors and moitoring the current
draw on the transfomer.  The best match will be at the lowest current.  I
have seen a formula posted here before but can't find it now.

The only way to increase the available secondary current is to remove some
shunt plates inside the transformer.  Be careful, these transformers will not
take too much abuse.  The 15kv 120ma transformers are very scarce in this
part of the country.

Ed Sonderman