Re: Potential Transformers

Hello Coilers,
        Earlier, i wrote:
>>My search for a suitable potential transformer continues.....

        My rationale for choosing a potential transformer is based primarily
on space limitations.  I have a "sensitive" neighbor, so outdoor firings are
not something I can do routinely.  (He likes to call the police for anything
out of the ordinary, which places constraints on a number of my hobbies!)
That leaves me with a garage and basement, limiting my sparks to about 6
feet or so.  I have a nice RF ground in my basement, so most of the work is
done there.  I will also probably stick with 120 volt A.C. for input using
1-2 kVA.  Thus, the decision for a potential transformer instead of a pole pig.
        On another note, that 9 kV 150 mA neon transformer I blew last week
spent a couple days in my freezer over the weekend.  I then proceeded to
chip away the tar quite easily using a small hammer and screwdriver.
Warning: Lots of tar shards everywhere, and lifting a cold 60 pound
transformer out of the bottom of a freezer is not recommended.  One winding
shows signs of overheating.  Still have to strip off the remaining tar near
the windings.  May soak it in a solvent for a few days.  Suggestions?
Mark S. Rzeszotarski, Ph.D.