Re: Rotary gap balancers

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>The latest issue of _Projects In Metal_ has an article on making a 
>balancing device for wheels such as grinding wheels, etc.  It would be 
>very useful for a rotary gap wheel as well.  The device is basically a 
>scaled up version of a hi-point balancer.  The hi-point balancer is used 
>by the model aviation hobby to balance propellers.   I believe that the 
>propeller balancer is too light duty to hold up a 10" disk of 1/4" G-10, 
>but it is useful as a source of design ideas.  You can check out one of 
>these balancers (hi-point) at a hobby shop that sells radio control 
	Is that a stepped cylinder (1/4" disk on top of a 1/2" disk on
top of a 3/4" disk ...) balanced on a needle point. The rotor, prop,
or lawn mower blade is placed on the appropriate step and the
horizontal level is checked?

If so, I just bought it's big brother at Home Depot (a large hardware
store) for balancing lawn mower blades. About $8 US.

Is _Projects In Metal_ a magazine: Order info?, Book: ISBN?

Thanks for the tip. I'd not made the connection between balancing a
lawn mower blade and my rotary spark gap. All I needed was a nudge in
the right direction.


[ ISBN: 0897-070X (IPM 0788155)  
  I'll try to describe it.
  It consists of 4 disks 5" in diameter with ball bearing races in the
  middle of each one.  Mount two of the disks on uprights such that they 
  overlap somewhat.  You should see an 8 on its side.  You then place the
  disk on a shaft. The shaft has cones on it for centering, and place the
  shaft rotor assembly in the crotches of the 8's  -- Chip ]