Re: Capacitor Explosion

Hi ---
Ouch ---
another "near miss "

  I too have had such near misses ----

The really cute ones are when the cap takes a dislike
to you  personally & opens (just a little) & squirts 
hot sticky goo in your face at abt. 10 feet -- (happened to me)

  I found it to be a good idea to drill a small pressure relief hole
in the top of the cap.---- taking care to not go to deep ---
  iv'e used a hot metal rod instead of a drill in pvc type containments.
For metal ------ i drill slowly ---- with the drill bit stopped by a collar 
made for that purpose (depth guage for counter-sinking wood screws )
--- ive  found  that using a magnet or a shop vac to catch the burrs
has helped a great deal ---- also ,drilling upside down ---- 
  Some of the safety tricks from the do-it-on-the-fly aerospace stuff Iv'e 
learned (the hard way sometimes) :<)

    Lastly ---- if a small plastic tube is inserted through the hole &
slightly into the oil ---- up a short distance & then pointed downward
                         to the bottom of a  container , any pressure buildup
can be seen at a glance (& at a distance )  --- an over-flow  will be
contained & then returned to the cap.--
just like the radiator over-flow in your car----

     I hope I haven't beaten this to death ---- I'm new to the list but
gettin' the idea &
liking what I've seen . 
I do recall a post of recent, fore-warning of this type of mishap - they can
be ouchie !!

    have a happy & safe 4th.of July