Re: Pspice model of Tesla Coil

Hi everyone,
             Jim replied to Richard...

> While the Q of 10 for the secondary may be accurate after the spark is
> struck; it's not valid for the peak voltage measurement you are trying
> to model because you have to get the spark struck to lower the Q to
> this value. If the Q were this value to begin with, the voltage rise
> (10kV) would never get the spark struck in the first place, so your Q
> would be higher! (now that's a circular argument, if I ever wrote
> one;)

I think this is correct based on my measurements both static and 
powered. The secondary because of its finite internal impedance is 
behaving like a current source with compliance up to the voltage 
generated by the non-sparking Q. In other words, if you load it 
heavily, output voltage is going to drop heavily, and as the arc 
extinguishes, output voltage is going to rise again.