Re: CP Caps & I'm still alive

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>>From DELCOKEVIN-at-aol-dot-comFri Jun 14 17:26:38 1996

>  One of my responsibilities at Delco Electronics Test Lab is researching and
>ordering special parts. I would be willing to take on the responsibility of
>this project. I can do this in a very timely fashion. I am extremely good at
>getting prices down and keeping on top of things once they start.( I have
>recieved awards for this) I will contact CP once per week and update everyone
>as to the status. I have also ordered caps from them in the past 4 years for
>myself and have nothing but praise for their caps.
> I will do correspondence through my work, so that people will feel more
>I can be contacted in 2 ways:
	thank you for the offer.

	any news?

I never recieved the "I'm still alive" portion of this post, so as far
as I can tell it's still in limbo.