Re: Final Capacitor Test Results

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>   I took the secondary (8" dia. x 28" long of 20 gauge) and got a 
>resonant frequency of 221 Khz by itself and it dropped all the way to 140 
>Khz with the toroid on top, about 4" from top turn of winding. I was 
>expecting to fabricat an additional stand-off from PVC, maybe 3"-4" but 
>this is one point that is really a wild guess with no data to support 
>where I should start with the toroid's position relative to the top 
>secondary turn.  Any idea's?
>    Your suggestion on the ground point being made available close to the 
>toroid was what I thought would be a good step.--thanks for the tip.  I 
>still have to bend and mount my strike rail by the primary too, Gee, will 
>I really get to try this or not by next week end?  Several unfinished 
>steps still on the check-list!  I better stop before this becomes a 22 
>page item!
>Good Luck with your New Cap
>Chuck Curran


My toroid is presently mounted about 10" above the last turn on the
secondary.  I lack good test data to optomize this spacing.  I really don't
know exactly how high it should be.  Since your coil and toroid are larger
than mine, I would think 4" might be too close.

Ed Sonderman