Re: Capacitor test results

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>As a rule of thumb, when using neons, I like to size the neon at 
>least 30% higher in current sourcing ability than the reactance of 
>the RF capacitor demands.  This ensures more firings of the gap per 
>cycle and better overall streamer activity.
>Unless you can come up with 120 milliamps worth of neon power for 
>this test, you may have to go back onto your pole pig.
>Good luck, rwstephens


Good point.  Thanks for the reply.  Yes, it is a .025mfd capacitor.  I
remember when I first fired this coil I was using one of these same neon sign
transformers and a home made rolled poly cap of .019 mfds.  The gaps did fire
with several gaps in series and sounded much hotter than this one does now.
 I was reluctant to fire it with the pole pig because it is somewhat
difficult to control at low current.  At the lowest welder setting I think I
get about 10 amps which is 2.4kva.  With no primary, I thought this might be
quite a jolt for the capacitor - and of course I didn't really want to ruin
it if it is any good.   I also was reluctant to pull the rotary gap out of
the current setup, but maybe I will have to.

Ed Sonderman