Re: Capacitor test results

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>Re: Current from "30 ma" neon transformer
>	The rated current is with a RESISTIVE load!  With
>a capacitive load the current will be higher, because the
>capacitive reactance cancels part of the inductive reactance
>of the transformer.  The approximate reactance of the transformer
>is 12000/.03 = 400,000 ohms.  Subtracting 106,000 you get
>294 k.  The net current is thus 41 ma, and the voltage 
>across the capacitor should reach around 4300.  Surely enough for
>a test.
>Ed Phillips


I would have thought so also.  I am sure when I first fired this coil
originally,  I used one 12kv 30ma neon and a static gap with a .019mfd cap
and had nice hot gap firing.

Ed Sonderman