R. Hull & Nat. Geographic.

Hi All, (in particular Richard Hull)

I was just recently going through some of my old National Geographic 
archives and distinctly remembered a date that always stuck in my head - 
July 1993....now why was that?
Yup! The month & year TCBOR made it to the magazine on their 'Lightning' 

My question to Richard is - who are the 3 guys sitting next to you (mind 
you, all in front of 'Nemesis')

If anyone hasn't yet seen the article, I'd strongly recommend it!
Excellent photography (even of one of Bill Wysock sitting ontop of a 
conductor connected to a 1.5MV coil), and a great article all in all.



-- "Who are the Federal Communications Commission and why do they 
    want my Tesla Coil?"

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