Re: Solid State - progress.

Tesla List wrote:

> Here I have a multi-MOSFET multi KW peak power pulsed driver that I
> connect to a "resonant coil" (i.e. not really a tesla coil since it is
> not a transformer).  My coil is like a "magnifier" without the Tesla
> coil driver.  Or like a 1/4 wave antenna if you're into radio.  It has
> about a mile of 30 gauge wire on it and resonated somewhere in
> 50-75khz range, I forget.  Puts out 150kv plus at higher current I
> believe than ordinary Tesla coils.  Is wound on huge poly bucket.
> SNIP...
> I need to put together a schematic as this project is one of the few
> that I now have without documentation.  but if there is any interest,
> maybe I can get motivated to do this.
> best regards, Rob. N3FT.

I'm interested!

-- Bert --