Re: Solid State - progress.

>I'm not sure from reading the message what type of solid state system
>you are building.


>I got the idea from the driver from an old hobby magazine that used
>bipolar transistors.  Mine has four IRF740's in half bridge and I
>pulse them at the limit of their SOA curve.  I use a UC3825 very high
>speed current-mode PWM IC to control the mosfets, and a LM555 to
>control the duty cycle of the power "on" time.  I sense primary
>current in the ferrite transformer and its neat to see current mode
>come into its own with the coil when it is not tuned to resonance.
>The half bridge output is connected to a huge ferrite core
>(77material) transformer from a 1kw power supply.  I believe that I
>use 10 turns of 12 gauge teflon wire for the primary and about 200
>turns of ?? gauge for the secondary.
>I need to put together a schematic as this project is one of the few
>that I now have without documentation.  but if there is any interest,
>maybe I can get motivated to do this.

Yes, please do. :)
I'm sure I'm not the only one interested either.       


Dan Kline    <ntesla1-at-vm.sc.edu>