tesla on cable

>From: Ken Cravens <kcravens-at-sound-dot-net>

>Anybody catch the "world of wonder" thing on the Discovery channel last
>night? (tue. 25th)
	Yep.  USUALLY rerun at some time over the weekend.
	Checl local cable listing.

>Had a quick little "Tesla" segment...
	Middle of three clips.  The beginning one is about ant farms....

>showed some good clips (video) of a huge Tesla coil, built by Bill Wysock

>(think that was his name) pretty impressive! I could be mistaken, but I
>thought they said 100' sparks??
	I missed parts.  Also a vist to Bob (?) Golka's (current) lab in ' a
	warehouse near Boston'.   hmmmmmmmmmmm

>Said it was a 50' diameter coil? Where is this thing, and can anyone go see
>it? Anyone know?
	This sounds like one of Bob Golka's...
	This is rerun of a show that has been around before.