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> > Subject: D.C. Cox TCBA Article
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> Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 11:22:15 -0700
> From: Richard Hull <hullr-at-whitlock-dot-com>
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> Subject: Re: D.C. Cox TCBA Article
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> My little "micro" system consisted of a .003ufd cap, secondary coil 
>2"X5" using a 4KV 30ma neon (only 40 volts in from the variac- ~50VA) 
>and a large 10 inch toroid.  I wanted and got RF radiation and a large 
>E-field with 15 gaps.  To get longest sparks, I woud have altered the 
>system to use only 1 to 4 wide set gaps and a 12 KV transformer with a 
>6" toroid.
> Richard Hull, TCBOR

Hello Richard:
    The closing comment of yours shown above has me wondering if I might 
have mis-understood some of the information on toroid sizing.  I hope you 
might comment on the physical size of the toroid I built, in a system 
where maximizing spark is the goal.  I have a 48" diameter toroid with 6" 
aluminum duct as the outer rim, this being mounted on a 8" diameter by 
28" long coil.  I have a 14,400 VAC 10kva pole pig and one of the .025 CP 
caps.  My question is, in the above comment I see where you suggest 
reducing toroid size to get best spark, while I thought I had read in the 
TCBA News from early this year where a toroid 2-3 times the secondary 
winding length was considered ideal, assuming enough power was available 
in your article(from memory, not a quote).  I'm sitting here simply 
puzzled, wondering if my toroid is too big, or maybe too small!  Any 
comments would be appreciated-Thanks

Chuck Curran