Re: Capacitor Purchase

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>I was just about ready to order another capacitor from Condenser Products
>when David Lawrence said I could buy his.  He was in on the last group buy.
> It is .025 mfd rated at 20 kv, which is what I was going to order anyway.
> David has been too busy to finish his system and graciously let me have his
>Now, all I need to do is clean up the oil mess and hook up the new
> I think I will lower it down in the coil mounting cabinet.  The cap that
>blew up was mounted only about 18 or 20" below the primary - maybe this had
>something to do with its demise??  I had raised it in order to shorten all
>the primary interconnects.

I measured this again this morning.  The distance from the lowest (center)
primary winding to the center of the capacitor is 10.5".  The primary is
wound at 30 degrees, so the remaining turns rapidly increase in distance from
the horizontal plane.  I would like to mount the new capacitor in the same
place (which is on top of the rotary gap enclosure) because it allows me to
have the end of the cap where the tap lead attaches located directly under
the center of the coil.  This makes the tap lead as short as possible and
reaches all sides of the primary equally.  I really need some advice here.
 Is this too close to the primary?  I have seen the field generated by the
primary when I had the two coils too closley coupled.  It is shaped like a
Christmas tree, fully engulfing the secondary.  Is there much field generated
below the primary?  At 10.5", would the capacitor be in this field?  Would it
damage the cap?
>Has anyone else ever ran their coil with the cap mounted this close or
>to the under side of the primary?  At 5 to 9 kva?
>Ed Sonderman