Re: CP Caps & I'm still alive

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>What I suggset we do is 
>to place the order again.  This time via registered mail.  I would like to
>see if one of you gentlemen would 
>volunteer to reship them out.  I will place the order under that volunteer's
>name, not mine.  The caps would 
>then ship to that person.  This person could then stay on top of the order.
>I just haven't had the time. 

  One of my responsibilities at Delco Electronics Test Lab is researching and
ordering special parts. I would be willing to take on the responsibility of
this project. I can do this in a very timely fashion. I am extremely good at
getting prices down and keeping on top of things once they start.( I have
recieved awards for this) I will contact CP once per week and update everyone
as to the status. I have also ordered caps from them in the past 4 years for
myself and have nothing but praise for their caps.
 I will do correspondence through my work, so that people will feel more
I can be contacted in 2 ways:

Delco Electronics Corp.
Test Systems
ATTN: Kevin M. Conkey
1489 Walli Strasse Blvd
Burton, Mi. 48530

Kevin M. Conkey
2465 Baldwin Rd.
Fenton, Mi. 48430

And of course Email: DELCOKEVIN-at-aol-dot-com

I intend on being with Delco till retirement. I started 1.5 yrs ago and have
perfect attendance. I will be on my first vacation starting this Sat 6-15
through 6-23, in Arizona. I can be contacted there at 602-899-7563(my mom) or
602-830-1342(her mom, the ultimate power) during this time period.

In this weeks time, Scott can mail me info on everyone's address, phone #,
and all information that he has. Scott, please contact me in Arizona by
phone, as soon as possible.

This is also an opportunity for other people to get in on this order, if they
wish. I will need your order by the 23rd (no exceptions) as I do not want to
hold things up. you can send a certified check or money order to me, (at
either address) made out to Condenser Products Corp.(if everyone agrees to me
handling this order) The price of the caps I believe to be $198.80 ea. for a
.025uf 25kv cap. I myself will be adding 2 more caps to the order, for a
total of 4 that I will now have on order.

It's up to you guys now,

Kevin M. Conkey