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Quoting scotty-at-wesnet-dot-com (Scott Myers):

> Hello Gentlemen,

> I apologize for not being around for some time.  As a matter 
> fact, I still have been unable to read my e-mail as I have not
> been home for some time (except to sleep on occasions). 

> As it turns out, the check never cleared my checking account. 
> I have been waiting, forever.  The money still resides in my 
> checking.  Therfore, there is a hefty check under a pile
> somewhere in the US mail.  I called my wife thursday and had 
> her put a stop on the check with the bank, so the everyone's 
> money is safe.  Still, you gentlemen have no capacitors.  I 
> apologize for not watching this more closely.  My only excuse 
> is my travel is killing me.  Sorry.

> However, at this point I know you gentlemen would like your
> capacitors.  So I propose one of two things. First, I can 
> return everyones money, but everyone is still without their 
> capacitors.  What I suggset we do is to place the order again. 
> This time via registered mail.  I would like to see if one of 
> you gentlemen would volunteer to reship them out.  I will place
> the order under that volunteer's name, not mine.  The caps 
> would then ship to that person.  This person could then stay on
> top of the order.  I  just haven't had the time. 

If this is what the group decides to do, I would be happy to
assume responsibility for placing the order at Condenser Products
and re-shipping the capacitors to the various coilers ordering.

I for one, am 100% in favor of replacing the lost order with
Condenser Products. CP can ship to my business address and I
should be able to re-pack and have everything shipped back out to
the individual coilers within 48 hours of receipt. Let me know
what everyone decides.

Richard Quick

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