Re: Measuring Dirver Current

>> The transmission line current between the driver and resonator in
>> a magnifier is of extreme interest to us, but again, no good plan
>> has been devised due to the ultra high power of the arcs which
>> might instantly vaporize any instrument used to measure it.  We're
>> still thinkin' on this one.
>Well the driver is closely coupled to the primary so I would think
>that current at the earthed end should mirror that at the resonator
>feedpoint. (Y-N)?

Thermocouple type AC ammeters are available on surplus market and at
hamfests, etc.  I've used these for measuring antenna current and they
don't care how many KV of RF is applied.  However, you may need to put some
extra bypass caps inside since God knows what might happen as Tesla coil is
still different than 2KW CW RF.  Rob.