Re: Breaking in Fair caps

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> Date: 02 Jul 96 14:18:50 EDT
> From: Charles Brush <74040.3317-at-CompuServe.COM>
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> Subject: Breaking in Fair caps
> Hi all,
> After reading Scott Myer's post about the CP caps needing occasional rotation,
> I started thinking about these Fair Radio caps I have.  Since these may have
> been moved very little in the last decade(!), I'm wondering what the best way
> would be to break them in before applying any real power.  I've flipped them
> over since there is an obvious bottom (scuffed up), but would it make sense to
> hook them up to a low voltage neon and let them just sit and hum for a while?
> Is this how you oil/foil/poly cap builders break in your caps?
> Any info appreciated.
> Charles Brush


The best way o break in a new cap of home construction is to actually run 
it in Tesla coil service!  The big thing is to not even slightly stress 
it!  close the gaps up to near extinction and run the system for a number 
of minutes.  Bubbles and such might be seen surfacing in the oil.  This 
is out gassing the trapped air.  As the air bubbles diminish, open the 
gaps and fire at increasing stress levels for shorter periods of time 
until virtually no bubbles are seen at or near the actual operating area 
you plan to use.  This may take a week of work for a few minutes per 

I don't think your 100Kv units will ned this though.

Richard Hull, TCBOR