Re: Addendum-DC Tesla

I'd just like to add another thought to this. 

> Many of my fellow engineers and even the more informed neophytes, just 
> have to feel that some sort of rectificaion is taking place in the Tesla 
> coil scenario I played out in the earlier posting.  Why guys!  Lets think 
> a moment.  I wonder if we were to account for all the losses and outputs 
> from a Tesla coil in "HOT SPARK MODE" if we wouldn't find the DC output 
> would swamp the AC output in relative power?  If this were the case, the 
> DC would be the "normal mode of operation for the sparking system"!! 

At the time a discharge is initiated, the terminal has some 
arbitrary polarity. In effect you could look on it as having a large 
DC charge even though this is a momentary state of affairs.
Make sense?