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>Subject: BTC3
>I have plans and am going to build the BTC3 with a few minor changes in
>parts. Ive found a wire that is in various gauges and has a cloth type
>material for insulation, very thin and different colors according to size I
>think. It calls for 10 inches of #26 on a 3.5 inch form if I recall so what
>want to know is will the thin cloth covering make a difference on the
>secondary. I dont want to just try and see because the wire is rather steep
>in price for the amount I need but if it will likely work Ill do it. Also I
>would like to scan the plans and let anyone download them who wants them but
>only if I can find out if its OK to do that or not, anyone know?   Steve S.


I would not use cloth covered wire for a Tesla secondary.  You want a high
inductance coil which means close wound.  Use standard enameled magnet wire.

Ed Sonderman