Re[2]: Teslas wireless power

     Charlie, I would be very interested in your results and I'm sure many 
     other members of the group would be too. How about posting them to the 
     Steve Crawshaw

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> I too have been researching the Tesla theories for a number of years 
> and continue experimenting with various Tesla coils.
> I would be glad to send copies of the transient and spectrum analysis 
> recorded concerning the linear attenuation and your comments would be 
> greatly appreciated.
> Also I too would be interested about the Corums work and wonder if it would 
> be possible to further my education on the subject. Private email is fine
> if this would be more suitable.
> Many thanks to a great group
> Charlie
> Elfrad Group
I would be interested in the results you have noted.  The work which the 
Corums reported on is probably best obtained via a video tape of their 
talks.  These should now be available from the ITS.
Richard Hull, TCBOR