Re: CP Explosion & idea

With regard to SF6, should work fine I would think.  If you
want to see a HUGE  air dielectric capacitor look at one
of the photos at :


This is a view of the first Marconi transatlantic radio 
station, circa 1910 +/-.  There is a picture of the capacitor
used, and also of the CAPACITOR BUILDING, which still stands.
It was huge and the air dielectric capacitors were of the
order of several tenths of a microfarad, as I recall.
Probably blow-up proof.
	Another possibility which should be plenty practica;
practical would be an oil-dielectric capacitor.  It would be
much smaller and accomplish the same purpose.  I remember an
article in QST from about 1921 describing a "200 meter" spark
transmitter using such a capacitor.  It was around 0.01 ufd,
25 k
25 kV, which is in the useful ball park.  Don't have the
magazine handy, but will look it up sometime and post a 
description.  Certainly if could be "renewed", if necessary,
by changing the oil and scraping off the carbon wherever
the arc occurred.  That's what we used to do with big, high
power airborne radar transmitters "in the good old days".
Ed Phillips