Re: 3/4 wavelength secondaries

Hi Skip-- all,

     I've been following this thread ----
I have some thoughts -- /   questions---

     I too ,have enjoyed great performance 
of a rather arbitrairily "kludged" coil----- it fit 
in a rather random way -- into the known universe  :-)
It had only the wire extended from the coil as the 
"top load"------------ about 26 - 28 " streamers----
This type of experience , is  shared by most (if not all)
of us (coilers)----- The point being ---- It worked !! --- Now--- why ??
   So we get "Hooked" --- we study-- we learn --

       The top load in this case ,was ionized air - / humidity/altitude--
--- to what degree do these variables enhance / degrade
a coils performance ------- ????? ---- might best be found by first
a base-line in a vacuum chamber .
        Questions i might have regarding your (& my) 
coil's operation would be along the lines of "what data am i operating on" ?

     How do i measure the band of frequencies that are actually 
at work in the system ? ---- how is the "Q" measured ? ( Measured / effective
resistance ) ? ---- A spark gap generates R.F. -at- ~80 ----- ~200 K.Hz --
+ harmonics ----So virtually any coil can be made to  "resonate"
with this magic do-hicky-thing-a-ma-bob --- :-)
 -- the band-width / voltage rise determined by "Q"-----
energy transformation --primary/secondary-at-frequency ----
 determined by  coupling .
     The extra coil or ,third coil / resonator T.C. will , with a probability
to that of almost a certainty----- not work as a series resonant ckt.---
its counter-part ----"storage device"-- (toroid or whatever ) --- as 
the purpose of it  is to reflect the energy back down the coil ,
 to then invert -at- 1/2 wave-length and directly add to the incoming energy
 --- the frequency of which ---- should "fit in" 
with the self ringing frequency of the coil .------

-when one is addicted to this art-form ---it's only because 
he/she decided to get serious about tinkering ---- (how does it work ?) :-)
& yes --- Tesla referred to the "art" of the transmission of energy 
in one of his patents  

      I dunno a bunch --- 
      But . i know it's fun ---
      & I LIKE IT !!! --- --- i jus' hafta hold on to that 2+2 = 4 thing  :-)