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> Subject: More Transformers
> Hello everyone,
>                 I haven't as yet had a look inside a neon but have
> pretty much inferred how they are built from reading people's
> experiences of doing this. I have a question:
>    What gauge wire is typically used for the primary? The reason I
> ask is that I may at some stage face the prospect of repairing one,
> and rather than put up with the rather bad characteristics of them,
> wind lower voltage secondaries and operate them without the shunts.
> Judging by the weight there would be plenty of iron there and I would
> guess that a moderate sized neon would have enough to run at 2kVA
> or more intermittently.
> Thanks,
> Malcolm
> [As I recall, it was 136 turns of Aluminum(!) wire about 2-3mm on a 15/60.
>  The secondary was about 31 ga if memory serves me properly.  Chip ]

I repaired a 15kv-at-120ma unit using the old chip and soak method. The 
primary is a pair of either 14 or 16 guage wires wound in parallel and 
the secondary is about # 40 guage. I doubt that you could ever burn 
out the primary but I would have serious reservations re the 
secondary. Hope this helps.