Re: Thanks, Everyone !

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          FIRST SPARK: (out of the box,no adjustments yet to the
          primary tap, or the spark gap)........................
          50" FAT white bolt to some hand tools sitting on a cardboard
          box (go figure?) Also, one of the bolts went AROUND the strike
          rail, and hit the 50in. sq ground plane. Why did this happen?
          Also, can someone tell me why a bolt went 1" over the strike
          rail and then go another foot to the output of the neon? Our
          electronic engineers at work say it is totally impossible. I
          would love to know what is going on!!!
          Anyway, again, thank you all for making my dream come true.
          This is a great group, and maybe now, I can be one of the
          "advisers" (beginning, that is). I might need some help to
          DE-tune this thing...It's scares me a little!!!!!!
              Thanks Guys... Tom Renko...(The Amp Man)


Congratulations.  Sounds like a great system.

I have a system that sounds almost exactly like yours.  My current problem is
discharges going past the strike shield and down into the primary.  Let us
know how it goes.

Ed Sonderman