Re: Safety FAQ (Electrical Hazards)

>       Six factors determine the outcome of human contact with electrical
>current:  voltage, amperage, resistance, frequency, duration and pathway.  I
>will discuss each individually.


> Comments/flames welcomed,
> Mark S. Rzeszotarski, Ph.D.
Nice reply Mark!  I have printed this one out and added it to my TC folder.
Safety should be stressed OFTEN.
Hi All,
In retrospect I'm glad to be among the living. As a teen my brothers and
I uses to conduct experiments with an old telephone bell ringer, the kind
you would crank to make the bell ring. We would make a ring by holding
hands while someone cranked the generator. Things to do/not do....
1. See who would let go first/or how fast can you crank.
2. Hold person by the chin. This simulated chewing aluminum fold (if you
have lots of filings in your teeth).
3. Hold person by the ear lob. Would feel like holder is tugging the ear
when they accually weren't.
4. Hold onto the nose. This caused an effect similar to an old time movie.
5. Put electrodes in a bucket of water and insert your hand. This was very
6. While cranking touch the electrodes (church keys) momentarily. This one 
we stopped doing quickly for obvious reasons.
Please not try any of these thing at home. 
I have been involved with high power systems now for 25 years and am glad 
to say I've never been accidentally shocked. 

Dave Huffman