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>FAQ questions...
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>     My understanding is that about 10mA passing through the heart is 
>     lethal, I guess it is pretty hard to actually measure this without 
>     getting sent to prison:) Maybe someone could rig an ammeter up to Mr. 
>     Edisons' wonderfully humane chair.

   10 mA passing through the chest cavity.  It only takes microamps on
   the heart muscle itself.

>     A Watt in AC is RMS volts times amps, where RMS = the square Root of 
>     the Mean of the Square of the peak AC voltage.

   Yes, I neglected to mention RMS.  Thanks.

   Any sine wave (voltage, current, motion of a dot on a moving wheel,
   etc.) has a peak value and an RMS value.  For sine waves not
   centered on zero, the sine waves also have a meaningul *average*
   value known as the (DC) offset.

   A watt in AC is RMS volts times RMS amps times the cosine of the
   phase angle between them.  When it comes to voltage and current,
   all amplitude measurements of sinewave waveform are taken to be RMS
   measurements unless otherwise noted.  If I remember correctly, the
   RMS value of a sine wave is the peak value times 0.707  which is
   the reciprocal of the square root of two.

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