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> Subject: FAQ questions...
> Greetings,
> I am starting to work on the safety FAQ, but naturally am having some
> questions.  (I'd like to be as accurate as possible)
> 1) Is it true that it takes 10 Joules of electricity to kill someone?
>    (If not, how much is it?)
> 2) Is a watt in AC roughly volts*amps?  I believe that a watt is VA in
>    DC, and if you are dealing with RMS Volts and amps, does that make it
>    true for AC?
> Thanks for your attention.  More questions will follow I'm sure.
> Chip


I am sure 10 Joules of energy can kill, but it is more a matter of 
voltage and current.  The skin is usually broken through and a shock felt 
by as little as 50 volts.  I have heard that it take about 10-100ma to 
kill.  I question this.  What kills one guy is just a nasty shock to 
another.  (different bodily tolerances, heat conditions, skin resistances 
etc.  It is tough to quantify the matter more.

AC watts are volt-amps in a purely resistive AC circuit (like frying a 
human being.)  But not in Tesla coil power circuitry.  the correct term 
is VAR, volt-amps-reactive.  This tells the listener that a simple 
current and voltage measurement was taken in an AC circuit with known 
reactance present, but without a phase angle, tells little more.

Richard Hull, TCBOR