Re: Capacitor

Hi Paul,

> I just received a new capacitor and I am not sure if it is safe to use it.
> It has an air bubble inside which seems quite large.....
> If I do use it, do I stand it on end to move the bubble to the top or use it
> on its side where the bubble is elongated but much thinner and away from the
> ends of the conductive metal foil?

You use it on its side.

> The cap is marked NSG 502-10K .005MFD  10000 V.Pulse The Cond.Prod.corp.
> 11999305..........

It sounds like you purchased that from Information Unlimited.  I have the same unit.
It is not a Tesla cap like those that CP sells as such.  This one is sold as a
unit to use in a small coil with a 6000 VAC power supply.  I am told that even at
6000 VAC it should be kept to intermittent duty.  I have run mine for 1 minute and felt
the case.  It does get warm.

> Because it is quite a thick glass case I think it would cause quite a blast
> if it were to explode........I am putting it inside a piece of pvc drain pipe butwill not switch it on until someone tells me it is safe........

The blast shield is a good safety precaution.  Mine is inside of a metal case that
houses the guts of a small demo coil.

Someone to tell you it is safe?  You are experimenting with things that are dangerous to
begin with.  You seen to be safety conscious.  That is good.  Just use as much safety
as you can.  But, you fire your coil at your own risk.

Scott Myers