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Another massive Snip (see original post)

> Another thought:
> Suppose we were somehow able to send the next slug of energy into the
> secondary before the first one was dissipated, and we used a BIG toroid
> to prevent premature breakout. We should be able to break the
> Vg*SQRT(CP/Cs) voltage limitation in this case. Proactically
> speaking, this would require being able to appropriately phase primary
> "shots" so that they would only add to the energy stored in the secondary
> BEFORE it had a chance to "ring down". We would also need to block
> any transfer of energy back into the primary circuit. A vacuum tube or
> FET coil, run in high power pulsed mode from a very "stiff" DC source
> just might be able to do this! Shezaam - a trillion volt Tube Coil!!
> Hopefully this will spark some discussion :^)
> -- Bert --

Bert, All,

Bert has given this a lot of thought, too!  He is correct so far as I can 
see on all his points.  Which blows back to my original point. 
Theoretical discussions regarding the ultimate limiting voltages are good 
and valid, but can't really tell us what the real output voltage from a 
given coil system will be!   EVER!   Mainy things are theoretically 
possible.  Everything can be scientifically analyized "ad nauseum" with 
mathematics and philosophical semantics.  Few of them are realizable or 
even doable out on the firing line!

Regardless of what we think the terminal capacitance really does ( 
more voltage, more current, more energy) it gives LONGER SPARKS from any 
given system provided enough energy is pumped in to break out.  That's 
what most of us build coils for.

Richard Hull, TCBOR