Re: A fried xformer

"Tell me someone: I hooked my 15kv neon { new } transformer leads to each lead
of a  36000v .05uf capacitor for a little while, until I heard the frying
noise then removed it. The plates are seperate; It wasent a dead short, I
could understand it then but I was just charging the cap and timing the
duration of  time to the degree of loss to see how much charge was lost over
different time periods. Why would this burn up a transformer, why; why why
why why why!     Stephen Sanders."
	What are the transformer specs?  You may well have resulted in
a serious over-voltage condition for the transformer.  For instance, 
the voltage on a 15 kV, 120 ma transformer would rise to a little over
25000!  Remember, it is easy to get an INCREASE in secondary voltage
with capacity loading.  The often-recommended "capacitor reactance
equals coil reactance", for instance, would almost certainly result
in a blown transformer if there were no load across the transformer/
capacitor parallel combination.
Ed Phillips